The “E” Family

I love this little family so much – I’ve been blessed to have photographed Oliver since before his parents even knew he was a he (their pregnancy announcement session was one of my firsts when I started my business back in 2011!). We met at a local park here in Thousand Oaks to grab some family pictures and Oliver is such a boy through and through (we did a LOT of running around and ball throwing). I’m so excited to watch him grow, it’s just one of the fun perks of what I get to do! Fall is one of my very favorite times of year for sessions because there’s just something about that sunlight this time of year… it’s like it’s especially golden for me.:-)



Emmy Rose

I can’t believe I never stopped to share the newborn images I took of our own sweet girl! Time just slips by, and before you know it your newborn turns into a 5 month old. It’s so funny that as a photographer, I’m fairly strict in my thinking that a newborn = 2 weeks old and under (after that they just are NOT as sleepy/willing to pose in those cute curly positions)… but I realized last month that when I looked down at my 4 month old baby girl, I still thought of her as a newborn. Surely she’s changed so much since she was just that 7 lb meowing little thing, but the truth is, she’s the baby and I want to resist the thought of her growing up so fast. I look at our 3 year old (going on 13!) and she’s this beautiful, bright, ALIVE young girl. No semblance to that baby I once cradled in my arms, desperately trying to lull to sleep. I know this firsthand now, how sweet and cruel time can be, and the older I get the faster it seems to go by. I’ve had to remind myself at times that it’s so, so valuable to cherish each day for what it is, as difficult and chaotic as it may be, because I’m certain that one day, when the house is finally quiet and we are no longer needed for every little thing… I can’t. I just can’t finish that sentence without reducing myself to tears. So for now, I’ll breathe in the babyhood, let my heart melt over and over watching Gigi adore her little sister, and, you know, try to sneak in a nap every so often on the off chance that they’ll both be asleep at the same time.:)

Side note: I had this totally grand vision in my head of 14 totally epic newborn sessions for my own daughter. I thought, c-section, schmeee section, I’ll have PLENTY of time to get so much done… AND move into a new house, AND chase after an almost 3 year old… Ha! After a health scare and having to return to the hospital after we were released, and between uncovering mounds of cardboard boxes filled with things I don’t ever remember owning, I was lucky to get two short afternoons to dedicate to Emmy’s newborn session. And of course being a photographer’s baby, she was the biggest stinker of all for one of those days, so it’s a miracle I got this much! At least I’ve got the rest of my life to hound my girls for pictures.;)
sandraOctober 22, 2013 - 9:49 pm

These are the greatest photos I’ve EVER seen.
Love your work so much. What a beautiful set of photos.
I hope you are healing and feeling well and all moved safely!

Brooke | 7 Days New

I drove out to Palmdale for this little lady’s session, and I must say she made my drive totally worth it. That hair? That hair! She’s one gorgeous little princess thats’s for sure.:)

In other news, I’ve announced my only mini sessions for the year here. Spots are already half gone, so please don’t hesitate if you want in!