I cannot begin to tell y’all how sweet this little guy is. His mama told me alllll he wants to do all day is sleep. And if he isn’t asleep, he just hangs out and takes the world in, quietly. This is a foreign concept to me, as both of my girls were feisty, round-the-clock screamers from the get-go. I think I tell this story at every newborn session, but I’m fairly certain I had two of the most impossible newborns ever. I suspected this for some time, and have been able to confirm my theory after photographing about a hundred other newborns. They grew up to be pretty fantastic, happy babies, but man, that newborn stage was brutal. If you’re a weary, sleep-deprived new parent, just know that this too shall pass. One day you’ll wake up and realize you’ve had a whole nights’ sleep and feel like yourself again. One day.:-)

Anyhow, back to adorable Cash! Aaand a cameo featuring his gorgeous big sister Brooklyn. I mean, has there ever been a prouder big sis?!

agoura-hills-newborn-photographer calabasas-newborn-photographer newbury-park-newborn oak-park-newborn-photographer simi-valley-newborn-photographer simi-valley-newborn-photography agoura-newborn-photographer tarzana-newborn-photographer thousand-oaks-newborn-photographer sherman-oaks-newborn-photographer thousand-oaks-newborn-photography thousand-oaks-photographer westlake-village-newborn-photographer los-angeles-newborn-photographer




I had the privilege of photographing this little guy at my home studio, which up until now I’d only used for pictures of my girls. Now we’re in the process of getting it really ready to use regularly, if needed, since sometimes clients have homes that just don’t get the best natural lighting. I love that I have access to ALLLLLL my props, and even though it was completely rainy and gloomy outside, this room still gets the perfect light (you’d just never know it was pouring out by looking at these pictures). Lately I’ve been so drawn to the clean, natural color palette. I feel like it really shows off baby’s sweet fresh complexion, there’s something so soft about it.

agoura-newborn-photographer calabasas-newborn-photographer los-angeles-newborn-photographer moorpark-newborn-photographer oak-park-newborn-photographer simi-valley-newborn-photographer simi-valley-photographer thousand-oaks-newborn-photographer thousand-oaks-newborn-photography thousand-oaks-newborn thousand-oaks-photographer westlake-newborn-photographer westlake-village-newborn-photographer woodland-hills-newborn-photographer

After Jack was born, his mama emailed and mentioned that he had lots of hair. I got excited. She mentioned she thought she might even have to give him a trim beforehand (!!). Now I was intrigued. This little guy has the most beautiful head of hair, complete with natural highlights, and his skin was just so gorgeous. Just a perfect, dreamy little cherub baby.

agoura-hills-newborn-photographer thousand-oaks-newborn-photographer thousand-oaks-baby-photography los-angeles-photographer moorpark-newborn-photographer newborn-photographer-thousand-oaks simi-valley-newborn-photographer newborn-photography-westlake newbury-park-newborn-photographer simi-valley-photographer westlake-newborn-photographer thousand-oaks-photographer thousand-oaks-portrait-photographer westlake-village-photographer





There has been such an influx of newborn boys lately, I don’t know what was in the water last year! So when I had a chance to bust out my girlie props for Avery’s session, I went for all things feminine and glam. With some classics thrown in as well.:-)

agoura-hills-newborn-photographer ventura-newborn-photographer calabasas-newborn-photographer oxnard-newborn-photographer simi-valley-baby-photographer tarzana-newborn-photographer west-hills-newborn-photographer thousand-oaks-newborn-photographer thousand-oaks-newborn-photography simi-valley-newborn-photography