People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I’m a fan of whimsy. I like to put my pants on two legs at a time. I often regret regretting things. I dislike tea. I love flan. The louder the music, the better I sing. I’m a perfectionist. I’m the messiest neat freak. I love Disneyland. I sniff books. I prefer short walks along the beach, I tend to get winded easily. I’m afraid of the dark. I love to travel. I get homesick easily. I won the spelling bee in the third grade. In first grade, I was eliminated in round 1 on the word “jet”. My family has yet to let me live it down. I beat cancer (my story here). I learned to ride a bicycle at 27. Naps can fix most problems. I use big words. I fall a lot. I have a bird phobia. I love thick socks. Gangsta rap soothes me. I can't keep plants alive. I'm singlehandedly keeping Amazon in business. I’m missing an appendix. I clip coupons, then forget them at home. One time, a Jonas Brother looked at me. My daughters and husband are my world. I live, sleep, breathe photography; I eat cake.