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This family just oozes adorable. I mean perhaps ooze isn’t the right word, as it has kind of an ick connotation to it, so let’s just say, this family is really really Cute. With a capital C. Erin is a fellow photographer, and the fact that she chooses me to capture her family’s special milestones just makes me blush. It’s always an honor when another photographer entrusts you with their family, and of course it also makes me a leetle bit nervous, since, well, she knows what she’s doing so I better look like I know what I’m doing. Most of the time during family sessions I’m basically a total spaz to get the kids and dads laughing. 🙂 I have no shame. From feral animal sounds, to busting out the Carlton moves, I do it all. Really it’s a wonder how ridiculous I can be during sessions, when in real life I’m rather shy and reserved. But enough about me, on to the ridiculously beautiful family below! A couple posts back I talked about cake smashes, and how some kiddos want nothing to do with cake, while others discover their newfound heartsong in the form of sugar. Miss Audrey’s one year session was capped off with a most delighted bang, as homegirl LOVED her cake.

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