Thousand Oaks Maternity Photographer

It’s always such a particularly special honor when a fellow photographer chooses me to photograph their families, and especially to capture their big life moments. These sessions are always fun because I so understand that they’re rarely (or never!) in front of the camera, spending so much time photographing their own loves, their own clients, etc. In fact this is so true for many mamas – it’s so easy to fall into the habit of being the official family picture taker, that you wake up one day and realize that there were no photos of you with your loved ones taken together in months, or even years. I’m guilty of sometimes feeling too self conscious, feeling like I look too tired or haggard, feeling like I need to lose another 10 lbs, etc. before I appear in a photo with my kiddos. What we ladies need to stop and realize is that to our children, we ARE the most beautiful creatures they’ve ever seen. These pictures aren’t just for us, they’re really for THEM. They will want these photos with you in 20, 30, 50 years. THEIR children will want them. And you just might realize 10 years from now, that you looked damn good after all. 😉 So stop hiding ladies! Call me up so we can get these beautiful memories for you and your loves.

Anyway, back to this gorgeous mama. Isn’t her maternity gown adorable? And Dylan was the most perfect model/ham for my camera. Photographer’s kids are usually either total hams or complete loathers of all cameras. I lucked out!

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