What the Crop?

I couldn’t help myself. Alternate titles included: “Crop it to Me” and “Hip Crop Hooray”. I’d better get on with it before I come up with more and you all run away.

You’re probably long familiar with the traditional 8×10 print. You might have even noticed that when you’ve tried to print an 8×10, a portion of the image has had to be lopped off. It’s unavoidable, and quite a few of the “typical” print sizes actually require quite a bit of image cropping. I’ve put together a little visual guide to understanding just how much of an original (4×6 aspect ratio format) image is lost, so to speak when cropping.

Yep, that 8×10 and 20×24 sure lose quite a bit from the original, don’t they? I do generally keep image ratios in mind when shooting, to allow for cropping later. I do also offer prints in sizes such as 8×12 and 12×18 as well. And the days of only finding frames in size 8×10 are long over. I also offer Organic Bloom frames in every custom size imaginable.

See, now, that wasn’t too croppy, was it? 😉

Special thank you to Rachael Myers Photography for offering these awesome templates for photographers. Check her out!
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