Gigi is Four!

I just wanted to share a few images I took last month of my little Gigi. Every so often I like to go location-scouting, and every so often she requests a “shession” with me. It’s a win-win situation here. She’s now four (going on fourteen), and just lights up the room wherever she goes. I’d never have believed you if you told me a toddler kid can be this side-splittingly funny, insightful, insane, sweet, sour, impossible, and incredible. One minute she’s brilliant, and the next she says “when is it going to be westerday?”. One minute she’s frighteningly independent, and the next she just needs me. I love this roller coaster that is her, and I feel so very lucky and blessed to be her mama.



Cash | 12 Days New

I cannot begin to tell y’all how sweet this little guy is. His mama told me alllll he wants to do all day is sleep. And if he isn’t asleep, he just hangs out and takes the world in, quietly. This is a foreign concept to me, as both of my girls were feisty, round-the-clock screamers from the get-go. I think I tell this story at every newborn session, but I’m fairly certain I had two of the most impossible newborns ever. I suspected this for some time, and have been able to confirm my theory after photographing about a hundred other newborns. They grew up to be pretty fantastic, happy babies, but man, that newborn stage was brutal. If you’re a weary, sleep-deprived new parent, just know that this too shall pass. One day you’ll wake up and realize you’ve had a whole nights’ sleep and feel like yourself again. One day.:-)

Anyhow, back to adorable Cash! Aaand a cameo featuring his gorgeous big sister Brooklyn. I mean, has there ever been a prouder big sis?!